About the Attorney

About the Attorney

Denver, CO

Attorney Louisa Schlieben is a client-centered advocate specializing in criminal defense and family law.

Louisa gained excellent trial experience as an attorney with the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders, where she received exceptional training and tried over a dozen cases to juries. Prior to moving to Colorado, she worked with the Public Defender Agency in Fairbanks, Alaska, and with the Legal Aid Society in New York City. She has represented several hundred clients facing traffic, misdemeanor, and felony charges, as well as a broad range of family law issues.

Louisa's approach to the criminal justice system is grounded in the time she spent with the Innocence Project in New York City. While under the direction of legendary litigators Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, she observed the underlying causes of wrongful convictions, fought to exonerate innocent people convicted of horrible crimes, and came to realize what a tremendous responsibility and honor it is to be an attorney.

Louisa understands the stress and anxiety that accompanies any encounter with the legal system.. She knows that you are concerned with your immediate circumstances, as well as the long-term consequences of what you are facing. This understanding is the foundation of every interaction she has with her clients and with the courts and prosecutors on their behalf.

When a bad decision or a false accusation threatens your freedom, you need an attorney you can trust. Louisa will always be honest with you and will fight hard for your interests.